A downloadable game for Windows

.noTerror is an Action game, developed and published by tomasso

This is a playable (early access) demo for an FPS that puts the player in the role of a Polish commando on counter terrorism operations. The early access version has an introductory cinematic and three custom mission to demonstrate the game's a modern game environment with realistic physics and fantastic visual effects the bullets rip plaster from the walls and you can see sparks from the guns, pieces of concrete falling off and faithfully recreated roughness of all flat surfaces.

Install instructions

Click setup file 'noTerror' and install this game


WASD - control charakter
LPM - shoot
RPM - zoom in
Space - jump
C - crouch
Enter - use
E - peek right
Q - peek left
Shift - run

Recommended system requirements:
800 MB available disk space


noTerror.exe 457 MB